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This design looks slightly different in IE than I want it to. What a surprise! Works perfectly in Opera and Firefox.

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Just to demonstrate that this area can be used for snippets.

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About this design

This design is an updated version of what was submitted to the Fall design contest. Certain things that were done in a rather convoluted manner have been simplified, as I've grown wiser and older since then! ;-)

It's a fixed width, two-column design. I've put in comments in the code in both the HTML and CSS to make things simpler. To see this layout at work, check out my Web site

The top banner

The top banner, the one that says "Fall From Grace" with the leaf fall picture, is a single image, 750px wide. You will need to replace this with your own banner. The photograph itself is taken from There are no restrictions on its use.

About me

I am a freelance writer and editor, and, after my first book is launched on 21 January 2006, will be an author. When I'm not reading, writing, or battling evil in computer games, I dabble in amateur Web development. I've been lurking at OSWD and now at OWD since mid-2005. My own Web sites are and


I had been working on this design for a long time, and had asked for help on OSWD on an earlier version some time ago. I'd like to thank all those who responded. Special thanks to Gorilla for his Class vs ID "lessons".


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